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    Mother Gothel

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    A number of readers have asked us to figure out the Jewishness of Mother Gothel, the villainess from Disney's "Tangled". Since we have children who adore that movie and the subsequent series, how can we not oblige?

    Frankly, Gothel never struck us as Jewish, but readers seem to think that she could be an antisemitic trope. You see, the dark-haired long-nosed Gothel kidnaps the very-blonde button-nosed Rapunzel.

    "Tangled", of course, is based on "Rapunzel", and, if we know anything about the Brothers Grimm, antisemitism should be expected. However, we are not sure this is the case here. There are no hidden mezuzahs on Gothel's tower door. In fact, in some versions that predate the Grimms, she is actually a somewhat positive character, who wants to protect Rapunzel from evil.

    But that's the Grimms, what about the Disney version? We just don't see it. The original "Tangled" screenwriter was Jewish, so it seems quite unlikely. In fact, when we look at the picture of Gothel, we don't think Jew, we think... Cher? (As it turns out, Cher was one of the inspirations for her look!)

    That being said, as far as we know, Cher never kidnapped a very-blonde button-nosed girl?

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    December 21, 2022

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