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    Quintus: We have a big problem. Passover is coming up.

    Pilate: Oh, those matzah crumbs everywhere!

    Quintus: Not just that. You know our deal with the Jews?

    Pilate: Yep. We gotta pardon a prisoner, and the Jews get to pick.

    Quintus: And we just captured Barabbas.

    Pilate: That rabble-rouser! Just hearing his name gets my blood boiling!

    Quintus: He speaks of starting a revolution!

    Pilate: I know! Can you imagine? Jews taking over?

    Quintus: They'll kick us back to Rome!

    Pilate: I don't want to go back to Rome! I'll be a nobody in Rome!

    Quintus: Well, we got that other prisoner...

    Pilate: Joshua something or other...

    Quintus: He is harmless.

    Pilate: Harmless?

    Quintus: Yeah, just wanders around in a robe and talks a bunch of gibberish.

    Pilate: So why did we imprison him?

    Quintus: He was spewing some nonsense. Turning water into beer, I think?

    Pilate: He doesn't really?...

    Qunitus: Of course not! It's some kind of a magic trick!

    Pilate: We can't have that!

    Quintus: Obviously, we can't, but think about it: Barabbas talks about starting a revolution. Joshua tries to get people drunk.

    Pilate: So how do we get the Jews to pick Joshua?

    Quintus: We pay them off!

    Pilate: Of course! You know how those people love their shekels!

    Quintus: Yes, we pay them off, we pardon Joshua, and that rebel Barabbas hangs!

    Pilate: Maybe we crucify him?

    Quintus: What a great idea! What can go wrong?

    Verdict: Jew.

    October 12, 2022

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