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    Judas Iscariot

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    ? – 29/33 CE

    What profile on our website brings out the most passion in our readers? Which profile leads to most hate mail? That of Jesus. Somehow, the goyim are not exactly pleased with our take on the character. G-d knows why.

    Well, that was written months ago, and we've yet to profile another biblical figure. And that's not because of the hate mail; it's just that the Jews in the Old Testament are all obviously obvious (how many 5/5/5 profiles of Abraham/Jacob/Moses do we need?), and our knowledge of the New Testament is understandably lacking.

    But one biblical character just begs to be profiled. Judas. Good old Judas...

    Good old Judas? Well, obviously not, if you are a goy, and also not, if you're Jewish. In fact, some scholars believe that the similarity between his name and the word for "Jews" contributed to the rise of antisemitism.

    And further than that, was he even real? Where does the truth end and the myth begin? Was Judas made up, an allegory for the creation of Christianity? Was he designed to represent all Jews as greedy traitors? We wouldn't put it past Christians to do something like that. In fact, we expect them to.

    We don't pretend to be Biblical scholars. We don't pretend to understand the New Testament. We just run our little website.

    And we expect at least one hate mail from this profile.

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    August 29, 2007

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