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    Herz Cerfbeer

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    (Naphtali Ben Dov-Beer)
    1730 – December 7, 1793

    1789. Streets of France are paved with blood. Everyone and anyone who has ties to royalty is in mortal danger.

    Among the victims is Herz Cerfbeer (also known as Herz Cerf Beer von Medelsheim, also known as Naphtali Ben Dov-Beer). A philanthropist and a purveyor to the French army, he won favors with Louis XVI. (Exactly what favors are not clear; our guess is that he lined the king's pockets with money. Kings tend to like that.) But Cerfbeer is not your average monarchist: he is a Jew.

    Yes, a Jew, who, in the antisemitic 18th century France, managed to rise to great heights. In fact, those favors turned into Cerfbeer drawing up a petition that helped abolish settlement laws. Jews, banished from France four centuries before, were now free to live anywhere in the country.

    That was in 1785. Four years later, Cerfbeer found himself in prison because of his supposed monarchist tendencies.

    Fortunately for him, Cerfbeer did not get to meet Mademoiselle Guillotine; he was released from prison after a year. Unfortunately for him, he succumbed three years later.

    Considering France at the time, he got off easy...

    Verdict: Jew.

    February 20, 2014

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