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    Alix Klineman

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    December 30, 1989 —

    We get a lot of mail here at JONJ, even if you don't count the suggestion box. Much of it wonderful, some of it antisemitic, and a specific subset is... pedantic. That's a better word than nitpicking or anal, isn't it?

    Here is an example: in some profile (we can't remember which, and are not gonna bother looking it up; you pedantic readers will do it for us), we claimed that Jewish women are short. Well, the vast majority of them are! Not so, say numerous emails. How dare you, JONJ, the supposed bastion of Jewish excellence, help spread such untrue stereotypes!

    Fine, fine, fine, FINE! SOME Jewish women are not short. Take Alix Klineman, who won the gold at beach volleyball at the Tokyo Olympics. She is Jewish, and she is 6'5"! (For the pedantic readers outside of the US, that is... carry the two... 1.96 meters. Wow!) That is one tall Jewish woman!

    Now, will we go back and change that profile (whatever it may be) to state that even though it's a stereotype, there are some exceptions...

    No, because face it:

    Jewish women are short. And let's double down:

    Jewish men are short too.

    Verdict: Jew.

    July 27, 2021

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