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    Haym Salomon

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    April 7, 1740 – January 6, 1785

    We're very disappointed. We read Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol".

    No, we're not disappointed in the book itself. Oh, it's a piece of dreck, that's for sure, but that was expected. We're disappointed that Brown, among his great mysteries of masons, founding fathers, and symbols, failed to mention Haym Salomon and the Jewish star on the one-dollar bill.

    That's right, there's a supposed Jewish star on the one-dollar bill. It's on the reverse, in the Great Seal, above the eagle: the thirteen five-pointed stars arranged in the Star of David. And, as the rumor has it, they were arranged in such a way as a favor from George Washington to Jewish financier Haym Salomon, whose financial contributions were essential in helping the American cause during the Revolution.

    Now, the reason for the stars' arrangement is most likely hogwash, but not like that ever stopped Brown before. Here it was, his chance for a Revolutionary Judeo-Masonic conspiracy, and he blew it!

    Of course, we really should be disappointed in ourselves. For reading that piece of dreck in the first place.

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 19, 2010

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