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    Saint Peter

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    (Shimon ''Keipha'' Ben-Yonah)
    circa 1 – 64 CE

    Sometimes, we wish the Christians were right.

    Sometimes, we wish there was heaven.

    Heaven, with its harps and soft white clouds. Heaven, where we could chat with Kurt Vonnegut or watch Vincent van Gogh paint or listen to Louis Armstrong play his trumpet. Heaven, instead of the nothingness we are destined to.

    And if the Christians are right and there is heaven, we hope Saint Peter lets us in. We've tried to live an honorable life. So we bet on the wrong horse. How could we know at the time?

    And if Saint Peter gives us beef and closes the gates, we'd point out that he was also a Jew. That he had also been wrong, at least three times in his life. Probably a bit more if he gave it some thought. We'd point out that a good Christian is supposed to love his fellow man, and what good Christian would deny that fellow man a chance to go to heaven?

    However, we doubt that the Christians are right.

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    October 8, 2008

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