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    Lars von Trier

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    April 30, 1956 —

    If director Lars von Trier is famous for anything, it is for two things: his extremely depressing films and his wacky, madcap press conferences.

    This reached a head recently, when von Trier's latest film "Melancholia" got him into the prestigious Cannes Film Festival until his bizarre, clearly not media coached, press conference got him kicked right back out again.

    What did he say? Well basically it boils down to this: Lars was raised to believe he was Jewish. Then, when he grew up, he found out he was just German. The retelling of this story lead to a few offhand comments about Nazis, Hitler sympathies, and the Holocaust. Which then lead to the banning from Cannes, the shocked, just shocked attendees and, we dunno, the rapture? The return of "Two and a Half Men"? Well, something terrible by G-d...

    Look, far be it from us to defend antisemitism in any form. But if you read the interview it's pretty clear von Trier is, if not outright joking, at the very least just saying stuff for shock value. Playing up to the crowd. He also said he was working on a porn film with Kirsten Dunst. Did anyone really take that seriously?

    Anyway, if we're all going to have a collective cow every time someone says something a little inappropriate we're not going to have time to do much of anything else. Plus we'll become really really boring.

    And nobody wants that.

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    July 4, 2011

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