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    Susanne Bier

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    April 15, 1960 —

    Susanne Bier, quite likely Denmark's only Jewish female movie director, won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, "In a Better World". She has an Emmy win as well, for helming a John le Carre adaptation, "The Night Manager". And yet her most influential work is likely... "Bird Box".

    You remember "Bird Box", don't you? A little over a year ago, it was the source of a worldwide marketing push before quickly disappearing into the ether. And yet, it might prove to be one of the most significant movies of recent times. It wasn't the first NetFlix movie to star a bankable international star, but it was the first with such a massive, worldwide marketing push. You couldn't unsee Sandra Bullock, on a boat in a blindfold. She was everywhere.

    As recent as two years ago, such a push for a straight-to-streaming production was unthinkable. Now, it might be the new norm. When the dust settles and the world emerges from its Coronavirus slumber, will we even have movie theaters anymore? Who would want to sit around strangers when you can comfortably stream a movie in the safe confines of your own home?

    Who knows, really, but one thing for sure: if "Bird Box" was released in movie theaters, no one in their right mind would have ever called it "influential"...

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 27, 2020

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