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    Laura Schlessinger

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    January 16, 1947 —

    Dear Dr. Laura,

    Just shut up. For G-d sake, just please shut up.

    We get it. You're on the radio. You're trying to be controversial. That gets your name in the news, gets you listeners, and, eventually, gets you more money. We get it.

    But did you really have to say the n-word? Eleven times? (Actually, once would be more than enough. But still... Eleven?)

    And you know, we wouldn't really care. But you see, Dr. Laura, you're Jewish. And by extension, your bigotry rubs down on us. Oh, not that much, considering you are only half-Jewish by birth, and after converting to Orthodox Judaism in the 1990s, quit it altogether less than a decade later. But still. You're Jewish. Sort of. So please, just shut up.

    And stop being such a c-word, okay?

    Verdict: Sadly, a Jew.

    August 18, 2010

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