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    Howard Stern

    Jew Score:



    January 12, 1954 —

    There are times and places when it's understandable for people to hide their Judaism. World War II. The former Soviet Union. The Spanish Inquisition. An annoying co-worker's daughter's bat mitzvah. "Bat... what? We're sorry, we already have plans. We're spending that whole weekend with Jesus."

    But that last example (fictional! we promise!) aside, America today is not the time or place to hide one's identity. We're Jewish and we're proud of it. Hell, we even run a website about it.

    So when we found out that Howard Stern used to tell people he was only half Jewish, we were pretty disappointed. Not just because he was denying his 100% Jewish roots, but because he made such an obvious choice for his supposed other half: Italian. Really? We expect more from you, Howard.

    If you're gonna make something like that up (even if you were joking), the least you can do is choose something funky. Say Albanian. Or Cherokee. Or Sikh. Heck, Greek would have been at least a little more interesting. But Italian? Come on. Even Ray Charles could see right through that.

    Well, nowadays Howard has backed off his lies and admits that he is fully Jewish. And we're fine with that. But for half a lie, we're gonna have to halve that K Score. Don't worry, it's still higher than if he was a real Italian.

    Verdict: Jew.

    January 17, 2008

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