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    Geraldo Rivera

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    (Gerald Michael Riviera)
    July 4, 1943 —

    Just when you thought you could escape the mustache, it comes back to haunt you.

    There you are, turning on the TV, flipping the channels — and there it is, time after time, on different shows, in different studios, moving up and down as the lips under it spill out the inane arrogant drivel. It's hard to understand why the mustache, or more specifically, the man attached to it, Geraldo Rivera, is given chance after chance after failing in endeavor after endeavor.

    From the empty Al Capone vault, to creation of Trash TV, to revealing US troops positions in Iraq, to his mystifying current status as a pundit on news shows, Geraldo's name — and his fateful mustache — has become synonymous with incompetence in the news media.

    As for his Jewish roots, it looks like he is trying to re-embrace them, after marrying his fifth wife, a Jew. But we are not buying it. Call it too little, too late. Jewish rebirth or not, we can't close our eyes to the previous 50 years of his life, when he embraced his Hispanic side and hid his Jewish side from the public view. So we want no part of Geraldo.

    Which includes not wanting any part of his mustache. Seriously, it's one scary mustache.

    Verdict: Sadly, a Jew.

    September 1, 2006

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