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    Harvey Levin

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    September 2, 1951 —

    There is a lot of crap on TV nowadays. Frankly, with hundreds of channels at our fingertips, most of it is bound to be bad. (On the other hand, it's not like TV was ever free of crap. Cop Rock? The Brady Bunch Hour? My Mother The Car?????)

    But there's crap, and then there's CRAP. And TMZ is definitely the latter. At least with My Mother The Car there was an attempt at a plot... Wait, why are we defending that dreck?

    We'll never even fake-defend TMZ. Perhaps the first TV show to spin off from a website (hey! Where's JONJ: The TV Show?), TMZ is 30 minutes of donkey feces, which consists of paparazzi stalking celebrities and... No, that's it. Paparazzi stalking celebrities. Hey look, there's Lindsay Lohan drinking a Coolatta! There's Britney Spears shopping at the Baby Gap! There's...


    And the man who created, produces, and stars on TMZ? Harvey Levin. Yep... a Jew. It seems like a bit of a waste, really. Why couldn't he use his immeasurable talents to seek out and publicize the actions of Jews?

    Oh, wait. Cause that's our job. Right...

    Verdict: Sadly, a Jew.

    October 6, 2009

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