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    Spike Spiegel

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    Will there be Jews in the future?

    Maybe that's an odd question but ask any science fiction fanatic if they remember any Jewish characters and they're sure to be stumped. Of course, most sci-fi tends to assume there will be no religion at all. Or, perhaps, there will be all new religions: Coca-Catholic. Robotism. The High Temple of Carrot Top. Stuff like that.

    Now, there are also science fiction stories that stick with the old reliables and those are full of Christians, but never any Jews. Where will we go? Are we doomed to be remembered as extinct or *gasp* perhaps even fictional? Leprechauns, unicorns, Jews?

    Or perhaps we will simply assimilate to the extent that we fade into the genetic mists. For instance, one Spike Spiegel from the tres excellent Cowboy Bebop. As he flies around in his bad ass spaceship doing cool, space-y things he sure looks the part. He's got the hair, the nose, even the name. But Spike is anything but Jewish (there are more Jewish priests than Jewish bounty hunters).

    Perhaps one day they'll see. When their teeth are rotten, their clothes ill-fitting, their humor homogeneous and bland, the goyim will look back in their life pods and wonder what they've lost. Oh sure, existence is just one big laser-sword-filled utopia, but, man, we lost something important when we lost the Jews.

    Verdict: Sadly, Not a Jew.

    December 30, 2009

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