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    Optimus Prime

    Jew Score:




    Sometimes, things just stretch the boundaries of believability.

    For instance, an episode of Family Guy suggested that Optimus Prime might be Jewish (he's shown putting on a tallis and yarmulke before a Jewish service). That's just craziness.

    Could a robot be Jewish? Of course. The tailors in Sleeper, for example. Certainly, when intelligent machines are created/discovered/rise to destroy us all they'll probably have all sorts of beliefs and doctrines. Most will probably be Machinists or Robot Catholic. But you have to figure at least a small percentage could be Jewish. Certainly keeping kosher would be easy for them.

    But we're not talking about any robot — we're talking about a Transformer. And you know what? We can believe a Transformer could be Jewish. Not a Go Bot, they sucked. But Transformers? Absolutely.

    No, no, all of this is perfectly plausible. But to suggest that any robot that turns into a truck could be a Jew? That's just ludicrous.

    A BMW maybe....

    Verdict: Sadly, Not a Jew.

    September 10, 2008

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