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    Are you swept up in the Pokemon Go craziness? We certainly are! And we don't care about catching your run-of-the-mill Pikachu. We want Kadabra!

    Why are we so specific in our Pokemon search? Well, Kadabra just might be Jewish. You see, his name in Japanese is Yungerer, which is very very close to the transliteration of previously profiled Jew Uri Geller. Oh, and did we mention that Kadabra is a psychic who likes to bend spoons, just like Geller himself?

    This likeness is no fantasy of ours. Geller himself saw it when he came to Japan and locals asked him to autograph Yungerer cards. He even sued Nintendo, claiming that they "turned [him] into an evil, occult Pokemon character". Did we mention that the star on Kadabra's head has been called by some a pentagram, and the markings on his stomach are said to resemble the SS symbol?

    So, one way to solve this: we gotta catch Kadabra and... ask him. That's how Pokemon Go works, right?

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    July 22, 2016

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