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    Jay Fiedler

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    December 29, 1971 —

    Figuring out whether a college quarterback will become a good NFL player in not an exact science. There are numerous examples of college stars with guns for arms who have failed in the pros.

    For it takes more that the ability to haul the ball to succeed in the NFL. You need to manage a game. You need to analyze the opposing defense. You need to have a brain.

    And you know who has a brain? Yes, that's right, Jews. We tend to be a pretty smart bunch, with a few minor exceptions. So why are there no Jewish quarterbacks?

    The days of Sid Luckman and Benny Friedman are long gone. Sage Rosenfels? Please. Well, we do have Jay Fiedler...

    Or HAD Jay Fiedler, who for 10 seasons was the poster boy for Jewish success in the NFL. Undrafted out of Dartmouth, he became the starter for the Miami Dolphins, and amassed a pretty good record of 37 wins, 23 losses. He might have not been Dan Marino, but he was also not Ryan Leaf.

    So, seriously, why are there no Jewish quarterbacks?

    Well, when the job involves getting pummeled by 300-pound linemen, suffering concussions, and attempting to fit in a Bible-thumping league, why wouldn't we smart Jewish kids become doctors and lawyers instead?

    Verdict: Jew.

    December 18, 2009

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