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    Eric Cantor

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    June 6, 1963 —

    Recently, we've gotten a few emails about our website's supposed liberal biases. Apparently, in between all our Jew-finding, we seem to bash conservatives and Republicans left and right.

    Hmmm. Some truth to that. We do lean left more often than not, but if those emailers took a closer look, we bash liberals and Democrats as well. Hell, our search for a prominent respectable Jewish politician ended with an Independent.

    That said... Well, we're not the only Jews that lean left. After Arlen Specter's defection, there are no Jewish Republicans left in the Senate (well, there's Joe Lieberman, but... ugh.)

    But what about the House of Representatives? There are 435 members, so we're bound to find some Republican Jews... right?

    Well, there are over 30 Jews currently in the House, but guess what: there's only one Republican, Eric Cantor from Virginia, the current minority whip. (Some might consider Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who is Episcopalian, but whose mother was Jewish before converting... no, we're not counting her.) Cantor was actually mentioned as a possible candidate on John McCain's ticket, before the ancient one settled on that Alaskan maverick (of course, the Jew he really wanted was not Cantor, but Joe Lieberman... ugh.)

    So there you have it. It's not just this website that leans left, but the Jewish elected officials of America. And if you don't like that...

    Well, you can just stay away from the Politicians category of our website.

    Verdict: Jew.

    December 7, 2009

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