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    Barney Frank

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    March 31, 1940 —

    Barney Frank is one of the most prominent members of Congress. A staunch liberal, he is known for helping make deals between the left and the right. He has been elected to the House of Representatives for 15 straight terms, without much opposition.

    But Barney Frank will never become president. Other than the staunch liberal part, there are a number of reasons:

    #1. He has a goofy voice. Americans don't want their president sounding like a cartoon character. Not after W gave us eight years of Dopey.

    #2. He is gay. That might work in Pinkochusetts, but on the national scale? Fuggetaboutit.

    #3. He is Jewish. Somehow, in a race for president, we feel that's a bigger handicap than #1 and #2.

    Well, maybe not #2. But it's close.

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 30, 2009

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