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    Antonio Sabato Jr.

    Jew Score:



    February 29, 1972 —

    Today, on "The Bold and the Restless"...

    Alicia: Hello, Antonio.

    Antonio: Hello, Alicia.

    Alicia: Are you excited about tomorrow?

    Antonio: Oh, Alicia! I cannot marry you!

    Alicia: You cannot marry me? But I love you, my Italian hunk!

    Antonio: I have a terrible secret.

    Alicia: What is it? Are you... really my brother?

    Antonio: No, my love... it's not that.

    Alicia: Do you have a twin who switches places with you every other week?

    Antonio: Oh, how I wish! No, it's much, much worse!

    Alicia: Whatever it is, my love, I'm sure we can get over it.

    Antonio: Oh, Alicia!

    Alicia: Oh, Antonio! Tell me, oh just get it over with and tell me!

    Antonio: I am Jewish.

    Alicia: You are... what?

    Antonio: Jewish.

    Alicia: But... that can't be!

    Antonio: It is true...

    Alicia: But... you wear a cross!

    Antonio: Oh, I know, I know! My Jewishness is such a cross to bear!

    Alicia: I do not understand.

    Antonio: My mother... she hid her roots from the rest of the family. She told me last night.

    Alicia: How could she do such a horrible thing!

    Antonio: Oh, my love, don't judge her! She's my mother!

    Alicia: Oh, Antonio! Hold me!

    Antonio: Oh, Alicia!

    Alicia: Antonio, it's doesn't matter if you're Jewish, black, or Eskimo! I will still marry you!

    Antonio: So can you accept me as this... yidele?

    Alicia: I can, my love, I can!

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    October 8, 2009

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