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    Sarah Mintz

    Jew Score:



    (Maritza Rodriguez Gomez)
    September 1, 1975 —

    Hoy, en "Los amantes de las mujeres"...

    Maritza: I have some noticias horribles for you, Bernardo.

    Bernardo: You have been cheating on me with that pendejo Sebastián?

    Maritza: No, mi amor.

    Bernardo: Then it's that cabrón, Francisco!

    Maritza: No, mi amor.

    Bernardo: I know it! You are embarazada with Alberto's baby! Oh, I will kill that hijo de puta!

    Maritza: No, mi amor. It is not you who I cheated on. I cheated on Jesús.

    Bernardo: Who is this Jesús?! Are you loca, woman!?

    Maritza: I have found a nueva religión.

    Bernardo: ˇOh, Jesús, María y José! What have you done!?

    Maritza: No más José, Benardo. No más María. Definitivamente, no más Jesús...

    Maritza Rodriguez, Colombia's leading telenovella star, married an Orthodox Jew, moved to Israel, and changed her name to Sarah Mintz.

    Verdict: Jew.

    July 21, 2021

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