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    Jared Polis

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    May 12, 1975 —

    Jared Polis just became the first openly gay man to be elected governor, and the first ever Jewish Governor of Colorado, which is very important and all, but let's talk about how he made his millions. You see, Polis is incredibly wealthy, and he didn't get his money from a "small million-dollar loan from his father". Polis created and sold a website.

    Oh, the 1990s were the wild west of the Internet! Dancing hamsters were all the rage, Netscape Navigator was the browser of choice, Lycos and Altavista fought the search engine wars, and Yahoo ruled the roost. (Are we dating ourselves?) Websites spawned and crashed by the thousands. (Anyone remember the Pets.com puppet? We're dating ourselves.)

    Polis created BlueMountain.com, a greeting card website, which he sold in 1999 to Excite for... 430 MILLION DOLLARS. Here we need to explain Excite. It was a web portal which tried to compete with Yahoo and the search engines. Somehow, BlueMountain was their big purchase... they sold it off just two years later, for $35 million. Is it any wonder that Excite failed? (Wait, it still exists? We'll be damned.)

    As for Polis, he went on to create ProFlowers.com, sold that off as well, and started a career in politics, which took him to the House of Representatives and now the governor's mansion.

    430 million... Sigh. JONJ came a few years too late...

    Verdict: Jew.

    November 16, 2018

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