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    Kang and Kodos

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    Even as "The Simpsons" goes down the tubes, the Halloween episodes are still watchable. Especially when Kang and Kodos are involved. The delightfully evil alien pair and their various plots for world domination are always good for a few laughs (foolish Earthlings).

    So, in a recent parody of "E.T.", Bart befriended Kodos, and Marge did not want the alien living with them. So what did Kodos do? He put on a yarmulke and asked, "is it because I'm Jewish?" Marge acquiesced, and Kodos...

    What a minute. KODOS IS JEWISH?

    Every Simpsons fan knows that Kang and Kodos are Quantum Presbyterians, announcing themselves so in Episode DABF12. The Jewish revelation comes in Episode HABF17, five seasons later. Now, Simpsons were never big on continuity (Maggie has been sucking on that pacifier for 20 years), but...

    Which one is it? Are Kang and Kodos Quantum Presbyterians or Jewish?

    Well, let's consider the possibilities. Perhaps they used to be Quantum Presbyterians and converted to Judaism. Or, perhaps, Kodos is lying to be Jewish to use Marge's guilt for personal gain. Or, maybe, Kodos is Jewish but Kang is Quantum Presbyterian. (There are no laws that siblings have to belong to the same religion.) Or, perhaps, there was no Jesus Christ on their home world of Rigel VII, so Christianity never developed, and Quantum Presbyterianism is just a subsect of Judaism?

    And yes, we just spent a couple of hours trying to figure this out.

    Foolish Earthlings indeed.

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    January 19, 2009

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