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    Doctor Who

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    (The Doctor)

    In case you hadn't figured it out (though judging by the suggestion box you almost certainly have), we're pretty nerdy here at JONJ. Science fiction, comic books, video games — you name it, we got it. But we have a terrible secret...

    British sci-fi, mostly of a television nature, is a cornerstone of true dork-dom and we just... can't... make... ourselves... care. We know we're supposed to go all dodo for Dr. Who, get raucous over Red Dwarf, pine for Primeval, et al. Hashem how we've tried. But every time we sit down and say "ok, today's the day we get into Dr. Who," that channel flips faster than a 2012 Republican presidential nominee.

    It's a weird feeling, being unable to participate in something we so obviously should enjoy. Like being a sports fan that hates basketball or a New Jersey resident that can't bear Bruce Springsteen. OK, so maybe it's a familiar feeling for us, after all. But still.

    So our ability to judge the good Doctor is a bit handicapped. Sure he looks a little Jew-y sometimes (especially in incarnation 4, what with the Jew-fro and all). But beyond looking at Wikipedia to discover he's actually a time lord/alien, there's not much more research that we're prepared to do.


    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    April 5, 2012

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