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    Nick Kroll

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    June 5, 1978 —

    Forty years ago, Mel Brooks, at the end of his most underrated feature, "History of the World, Part I", teased us with Part II: Hitler on Ice! Jews in Space! (As well as the usually-forgotten Viking Funeral.) The joke, of course, is that there was not gonna be a Part II.

    There is now a Part II.

    Brooks, 96 years young, is still involved, but the creative baton has been passed to Nick Kroll, who, together with fellow Jew Ike Barinholtz and the goyishe Wanda Sykes co-created the 8-episode revival.

    The series is uneven (some make the same claim about the original, but that's blasphemy!), with some sketches unwatchable, but other hilarious. Kroll shines the brightest, especially as Jewish peddler Schmuck Mudman who sells sandwiches to Lenin (don't ask). There are other stars-a-plenty, from Josh Gad as Shakespeare to Richard Kind as Saint Peter to Jack Black as Stalin to Fred Armisen as Glorp (don't ask). And, of course, we got finally got Hitler on Ice and Jews in Space...

    Somehow, Viking Funeral stayed forgotten.

    Verdict: Jew.

    March 13, 2023

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