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    Mel Brooks

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    (Melvin Kaminsky)
    June 28, 1926 —

    In the beginning, on the first day, there was nothing. And then we said, "let there be a website about Jews." And it was good.

    On the second day, we created profiles and put little pictures of rabbis next to numbers and ate a really big pastrami sandwich.

    On the third day we took a nap.

    But on the fourth day, we realized we had a problem. See, we had all these neat-o ratings, but it was hard to figure out what they meant without a guiding star — someone to really define what it meant to be a Jew.

    But who would it be?

    Well, for the disturbingly unintuitive, we present Mel Brooks. It's hard to put together a better resume than Brooks has:

    Had he only stayed as a TV writer on "Your Show of Shows" but not created his movies. Daiyenu.

    Had he created his movies, but not performed in them. Daiyenu.

    Had he performed in his movies, but not been a great speaker for the Jewish people. Daiyenu.

    Had he been a great speaker... Well, anyway, you get the point.

    So there he is, the top of the Jew or Not Jew food chain and oh, man, has Mel Brooks earned it.

    Everyone else, this is the Jewish star you're shooting for.

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 7, 2006

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