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    Harley Quinn

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    (Dr. Harleen Quinzel)

    Sometimes we forget that not everyone lives in New York City. It comes with the culture — you tend to assume that everyone is a part of it. Among New Yorkers this error is considered cute, even endearing. And if the rest of the world finds it insulting, well, if we gave a crap what other people thought we wouldn't be New Yorkers.

    With that thought in mind, we present the Joker's favorite femme fatale Harley Quinn. The first time she appeared (in Batman: The Animated Series) with her prototypical Linda Richman accent, Yiddish catchphrases and use of the word oy — it never occurred to us that she might be Jewish. She just seemed like every other New Yorker we grew up hearing/working with/related to.

    So when people from outside NYC suggest that these things make her Jewish, well, color us dubious. As above, we forget that to non-New Yorkers, these things don't sound normal, they sound Jewish. But trust us when we say they're not.

    Especially when the only other evidence is a conveniently-lost kosher confession from a Christmas episode. (Side note: Not to reveal our true nerdiness, but if it had existed, we would have seen it.)

    So no, blonde haired, blue eyed Harlene Qunizel is not Jewish, even though she talks like a Jew. Because if that was all it took, all five boros plus Northern Jersey, Southern Connecticut and parts of Pennsylvania would be lighting candles this Friday.

    Anyone who says different is just a clown.

    (Editor's update: Well, well. Apparently, after years of supposed hinting, Harley Quinn admitted that she was Jewish. Oy.)

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 19, 2008

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