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    Bozo the Clown

    Jew Score:




    Let's all agree that clowns suck. They are the worst. We guess there was a time and place for clowns... a hundred years ago, in the circus. The world doesn't need any more clowns!

    That being said, Bozo has to be the most famous clown ever, right? It's either him or Ronald McDonald. Of course, Ronald was based on Bozo, so there is that. And there is only one Ronald, but there were hundreds of Bozos!

    Yes, Bozo was a franchised clown. Originally created by Alan Livingston (real name Levison; Jew), the rights were purchased by Larry Harmon (real name Weiss; Jew), in 1956. Larry took over the costume, and not only took Bozo to unlikely locations (deep-see diving, astronaut training, cannibal jungles); he also franchised the character. Soon, there were Bozos all over America, and even the world!

    Which, sadly, led to way too many clowns, until people finally started to realize how awful clowns are. Now, there are very few Bozos left scattered around...

    Clearly, for for the best.

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    April 10, 2017

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