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    Douglas Emhoff

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    October 13, 1964 —

    We've gotten quite a few requests to profile Doug Emhoff, Kamala Harris' husband and the first ever Second Gentleman of the United States, but in all honesty... we can't say that we're overly excited. Is it a big deal to have a Second Gentleman? By extension, we guess, as it means we finally got a woman elected on the national ticket. But think about it: how recent VP spouses can you actually name?

    Mike Pence: uh... drawing a blank. He calls her "Mother", right? Mother Pence? No, not good enough. Turns out her name is Karen. (Kinda perfect in retrospect.) We're 0/1.

    Joe Biden: this is cheating, because Jill Biden is now the First Lady. We're pretty sure we didn't know her name when Joe was VP, but what can you do. 1/2.

    Dick Cheney: Mary? No, that's his lesbian daughter. Damn it, we saw that movie where the wife was played by Amy Adams... No idea. Let's just say Mary and hope the goyishe lack of imagination works out. Lynne! It was Lynne. 1/3.

    Al Gore: We know this one: Tipper. Can't forget that long-lasting French kiss (shrug). They got divorced, right? 2/4. Bonus points if we know her real first name... we don't. This time, it's Mary. Oh, those lame goys.

    Dan Quayle: someone actually married that guy? Martha? Jennifer? Prudence? Heather? Doris? We don't have a clue. Ha! We had to combined the previous two answers of Mary and Lynne to get Marilyn! 2/5.

    So, as you can see, the VP's spouse is not exactly someone very relevant. But this one is Jewish, so we guess he gets his profile...

    Verdict: Jew.

    February 24, 2021

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