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    Merrick Garland

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    November 13, 1952 —

    Four and a half years ago, we were THIS close to profiling Merrick Garland. Another Jewish Supreme Court judge, and one with such a delightful name! (Sounds like a science fiction hero... Merrick Garland!)

    And then, of course, it's didn't happen. The scumbags in the Senate blocked the nomination because of some horseshittery about a president in his last year of term... (The same horseshittery that they gladly reversed this past year. Scumbags.) So we pulled the Garland profile, since the land of failed Supreme Court nominations is full of various non-entities. (Remember the also-delightfully-named Robert Bork? Or George W. Bush's BFF Harriet Myers? Probably not.)

    Well, four rather insane years passed, and look at this, the man with the name of a spaceship captain is actually getting a rather important job: he will be the US Attorney General! (A big F. U. to the scumbags in the Senate, undoubtedly.) And with that... he is finally getting his JONJ profile.

    If only other mistakes of the last four years were that easy to revert...

    Verdict: Jew.

    January 20, 2021

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