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    (Pietro Maximoff)

    After Thanos (spoiler alert!) snapped away half the universe in "Infinity War", the nine-year-old didn't fret. Wolverine was still alive, wasn't he?

    Not exactly, we said. The X-Men and MCU don't mix because of... well, we didn't go into the bureaucracy (X-Men movie rights are owned by Fox, MCU by Disney). Sadly, Wolverine can't help the Avengers...

    Which brings us to the one superhero who somehow exists in both universes: Quicksilver. In the X-Men universe, he is played by Evan Peters. In the MCU, by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. In the former, he is the son of Magneto, which makes him half Jewish. In the later, Magneto can't exist (no rights!), so we can't assume anything. (Of course, in the comics, Magneto's parentship status keeps changing, so Borderline Jew seems by far the best choice.)

    Now, with Disney potentially buying Fox, it's quite possible the two universes will merge (probably too late for Wolverine to help the Avengers). This presents a Quicksilver conundrum, and not just concerning which actor would win over: while Peters will return in the X-Men universe's upcoming "Dark Phoenix", in the MCU, Taylor-Johnson's Quicksilver is... dead.

    (Spoiler alert?)

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    May 18, 2018

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