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    Kitty Pryde

    Jew Score:




    Everyone has a favorite X-Man.

    For many, it's Wolverine. He has super-strength, a mean streak, and a mysterious past. Comic book nerds dig that.

    For some, it's Storm. She has a very useful power of controlling the weather, plus in the movies she's played by Halle Berry (Not a Jew). So that's nice.

    Some like Cyclops, and his eyes of death. Or the telepathic Jean Grey. Or the super-intelligent Beast.

    Not us. Our favorite X-Man might not be that well known, or super-strong or super-smart. Her powers of going through walls seem better suited for bank robbery than for superheroing. But she does have one thing going for her that those other, more famous, more powerful superheroes don't.

    She's Jewish. Openly Jewish. Proudly Jewish. She even proudly wears a Star of David necklace.

    So here were are. Kitty Pryde, AKA Shadowcat. Our favorite X-Man.

    Oh, who are we kidding...

    It doesn't matter how many supervillains she nags to death or how delicious her matzah ball soup is. She'll never be as cool as Wolverine.

    Verdict: Jew.

    February 7, 2009

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