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    Rebecca Rubin

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    When we were children, there was no such thing as a Jewish version of a toy. There was no Koshero who fought with He-Man (but there was Fisto which sounds just... anyway moving on), no solemn Yom Kippur Barbie, no Transformer who became a Mercedes. Clutch of G.I. Joe fame was around, but was sadly on probation for sexual harassment.

    Nowadays? Now you can take your little Leah or Ruth to the American Girl store and get your very own Rebecca Rubin!

    Rebecca is a Russian Jewish immigrant who lives on the Lower East Side in World War I-era New York. The good? She avoids most of the negative stereotypes (her father isn't rich, no one is greedy or particularly unathletic), she works to maintain her Jewish identity in a secular world, she even speaks Yiddish (the character does. The doll is — thank Hashem — mute).

    The bad? She's a nine-year old-Jewish girl in 1914. Things are not going to turn out well for Rebecca. At least not when she's in her 30s, anyway.

    But whatever. At least we have a doll company celebrating Jewish immigrants instead of demonizing them or pretending they never existed. And we all get a little Jewish doll to dress up, bring to temple and have little kosher tea parties with. You can even buy her tiny Jewish-themed accessories for various holidays.

    He-Man may have come with a sword. G.I. Joe had a variety of tanks and helicopters. But a menorah with eight little toy candles and a dreidel? That just kicks all kinds of ass.

    Verdict: Jew.

    December 20, 2012

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