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    Twilight Sparkle

    Jew Score:




    We gotta admit, of the thousands of suggestions that end up in our mailbox, a large percentage are head-scratchers.

    As hard as we try, the scope of our knowledge can't help but be overwhelmed by that of our army of readers. Take today's profile, for example.

    When Twilight Sparkle popped into our suggestion box, we were utterly confused. We've heard of Twilight, sadly of course, and we are aware that Twilight's vampires sparkle, but the combination made no sense. Thankfully, the reader was kind enough to provide the background: Twilight Sparkle has nothing to do with Stephenie Meyer's lame vampires. Twilight Sparkle is a pony. And a unicorn. Yes.

    Twilight Sparkle is the protagonist of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She is rather studious and is voiced by a Jewish actress. But her possible Jewishness has deeper roots: apparently, in the pony universe, each character is branded with a cutie mark (really, a tramp stamp, as it lies towards the bottom of their back). Some ponies have a mark of a butterfly, some of an apple. Sparkle has a six-pointed star.

    Now, we know what you're thinking: we fully engulfed ourselves in pony mythology, trying to figure out if there is some deeper, hidden meaning to Sparkle's possibly Jewish roots...

    No, we did not. We just wrote this profile.

    We'd rather leave it as a head-scratcher.

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    January 2, 2012

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