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    Elisabeth Shue

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    October 6, 1963 —

    In one of the more (deservedly) famous "This is SportsCenter" ads from the early 90s, ESPN traded news anchor Charley Steiner for "Melrose Place" star Andrew Shue.

    This is shown as a no brainer for ESPN, with the suave Shue getting plaudits from his fellow ESPN-ers (notably Karl Ravech) while Steiner embarrasses himself trying to pick up Sidney while cleaning the Melrose pool.

    Nowadays though, this looks like the entertainment equivalent of Larry Andersen for Jeff Bagwell. Steiner is one of the better MLB radio color guys — with the Yankees through 2004 and now for the Dodgers. Meanwhile, Andrew Shue is....um, alive? Probably?

    No, the trade ESPN should have made in that ad was for Andrew's overlooked sister Elisabeth who was in a down cycle between 80s "it" girl (she was Daniel-san's whiny girlfriend in Karate Kid, the First and the whiny lead in Adventures in Babysitting) and actual, real, honest to G-d actress (beginning with Leaving Las Vegas, where, honestly, we wish Nic Cage had not left).

    That would have been some serious value! Of course, lost in all this is that ESPN would have been trading Steiner, a Jew, for two shoes (er, Shues) who are rumored to be Jewish but aren't. Thus hurting themselves in a key demographic.

    So probably for the best that it was all just a gag for an ad campaign, yes?

    Verdict: Sadly, Not a Jew.

    October 26, 2012

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