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    Einstein (sheepdog)

    Jew Score:




    Recently, we tried to find a fictional Jew in the Indiana Jones series. We failed.

    But instead of going home to cry into our Raiders of the Lost Ark pillow, we decided to explore other favorite movie series from our youth in our never-ending quest to find fictitious Jews. And Back to the Future seems like a good place to start.

    And here we go... process of elimination. Marty McFly is sadly out. Clearly goyishe: Irish ancestry on his father's side, as shown in the third film, and the mother is a goy as well, maiden name Baines. And we're going to eliminate Marty's girlfriend Jennifer Parker, since she's a prototypical California blonde (not saying it's IMPOSSIBLE for her to be Jewish, just quite unlikely).

    Doc Brown is out: he has German ancestry, his family changed his name from Von Braun to escape persecution during World War I. His wife Clara Clayton also goyishe; there's absolutely nothing Jewish about her.

    Biff Tannen? A Jewish bully? How do we put it... no.

    So who does that leave us with? Well, Einstein, of course! Doc's sheepdog, and the world's first time traveler! Obviously the dog doesn't go to shul or wear a yarmulke, but come on, his name is EINSTEIN. How can anyone named Einstein not be a Jew?

    Besides, we need a positive result after our Indiana Jones failure...

    Verdict: Jew.

    March 15, 2011

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