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    Randee Heller

    Jew Score:



    (Randee Antzis)
    June 10, 1947 —

    How did we not see it? Randee Heller is Jewish! Take her somewhat-recent Emmy-nominated appearance on "Mad Men" as Yiddish-accented Ida Blankenship or her stint as Barbra Streisand's mother(!) during Babs' concerts. It should have been obvious.

    Of course, unless you are a Streisand obsessive, you probably know Randee from her most famous role... Lucille, Daniel LaRusso's mom in "The Karate Kid". Obviously, this is going to be about "The Karate Kid"! What did you expect?

    So, two points about Lucille in "The Karate Kid", with the first one bothering us for a good three decades. Point #1: She moved across the country for a better job... and then we see her waiting tables. Kinda ruins the whole raison d'Ítre.

    Point #2: Are we sure Daniel-san isn't Jewish? We've always made the assumption that he is goyishe Italian, with the LaRusso and all. But what's stopping Heller's Lucille from being a Jew?

    Not much, if you ask us!

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 23, 2020

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