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    Melman Menkowitz

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    For whatever reason, we've been watching a lot of animated movies recently. After plowing through the Pixar collection, we decided to turn to DreamWorks and were very disappointed.

    The movies themselves are fine. Sure, DreamWorks doesn't come close to the depth and heart of Pixar, instead relying on puns that will become obsolete in a few years. But there is some fun stuff here. "Shrek". "Kung Fu Panda", the first. "Madagascar"... well yeah, actually, let's talk about "Madagascar".

    We have nothing against "Madagascar" per se. It's light fare that keeps paycheks running into Ben Stiller's pocket. The disappointment comes from the character of Melman the Giraffe, or Melman Menkowitz... Yes, you see where this is going.

    Melman, voiced by David Schwimmer, is the worst Jewish stereotype. He is awkward. He is a hypochondriac. He is annoying. He wants to be a doctor. He (spoiler alert!) marries a hippo. Okay, that last part isn't exactly a Jewish stereotype, but it's terrible nonetheless. Just think about it, a giraffe marrying a hippo... It's best not to think about it.

    It's characters like these that make us yearn for more... well anything other than this. Hell, we'll go see "Cars 3". Anything is better than watching Melman Menkowitz.

    Verdict: Sadly, a Jew.

    September 7, 2012

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