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    Adam Levine

    Jew Score:



    March 18, 1979 —

    We love our fans. Unfortunately, the word "love" has been overused to the point where it has lost so much of its meaning. So let's be clear that when we say we love our fans we mean we would literally die without them. Because it's true: without you, the loyal reader, JewOrNotJew.com would have ended a loooooong time ago.

    So yeah, we love you guys. We love the people who read our site every day. You may feel anonymous, but we see you and appreciate you. And of course, we love those of you who take the time to comment on the blog or write us e-mails with helpful suggestions of people to profile. We also love the people who write in with critiques, pointing out mistakes we've made (it happens on occasion), because you help make us better.

    We love those of you who write in to argue about the scores, cause Hashem knows we do that all the time, ourselves. Or the people who write in to suggest people who are already profiled on the site, yes, we love you, too. Even the people who see fit TO WRITE US IN ALL CAPS FOR SOME REASON. Or complain about things we didn't write, didn't imply, or didn't even imply to imply. Or the people who call us unprintable names. Or send in hate mail.

    Yes. Really. We love you all. Because without you, there would be no JONJ, this weird, wonderful website that brings us so much joy.

    But if you !#@^#% people think we're watching The $#@!$# Voice just to profile Adam Levine for you, you're out of your !@#*&?#! minds.

    Verdict: Jew.

    August 31, 2011

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