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    Paula Abdul

    Jew Score:



    June 19, 1962 —

    If you work in a cubicle environment, like we do, you might overhear coworkers' conversations. Not on purpose, of course; for we could care less about what someone had for lunch, or the relative quality of hardware store chains, or the importance of teamwork in online gaming. Or American Idol. Boy, do coworkers love American Idol.

    But we've had just about enough of it. Which means that we've had just about enough of Paula Abdul. So we really can't embrace her as a Jew — and she is, don't let "Abdul" fool you, 100% Jewish; the last name comes from her father, a Syrian Jew. She is even considered a Zionist and embraces her religion... We just can't embrace her.

    Maybe it's because we're close-minded. Maybe it's because we can't open our eyes and ears and embrace the glory that it is Idol, and Paula fawning over talentless wannabes belting out the pop-song-of-the-month. Maybe it's because we are afraid to like the most popular TV show in America.

    Or maybe it's because American Idol sucks. Sorry, Paula.

    Verdict: Jew.

    August 1, 2007

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