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    Rosalind Franklin

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    July 25, 1920 – April 16, 1958

    1962, Possible Heaven. Peter and Moses are huddled over a small black-and-white television set, watching the Nobel Prize announcements.

    Television: And the Nobel Prize in Physics goes to, for his pioneering theories for condensed matter...

    Peter: Yes! I got this one!

    Television: Lev Landau!

    Peter: Another point for me! Who do you got, chief?

    Moses: Landau. Jew, by the way.

    Peter: Rats. We're even again.

    Television: And the Nobel Prize in Literature goes to...

    Peter: Oh, there's no way you're getting this one, chief.

    Television: John Steinbeck!

    Peter: Score! He was due for years!

    Moses: Score one for me as well.

    Peter: No!

    Moses: Yes. And Steinbeck still puts me to sleep, Nobel or no Nobel.

    Peter: Damnation! 60 years we've been doing these pools, and you keep on winning!

    Moses: I told you, Pete, leave gambling to professionals.

    Peter: Well, it's not over yet, we've still got Medicine this year. And I tell you, ever since they started sharing the prize, this has gotten easier!

    Moses: If you say so.

    Television: And the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine goes to, for their discoveries concerning the molecular structure of nucleic acids...

    Peter: Yes, yes, yes!

    Television: Francis Crick, James Watson, and Maurice Wilkins!

    Peter: What?

    Moses: Crick, Watson, and Wilkins. I got Crick. Whom do you have?

    Peter: Rosalind Franklin...

    Moses: Oooh. Tough one.

    Peter: But Rosalind Franklin was essential in the discovery of DNA. This is sexism! Antisemitism!

    Moses: Pete, Rosalind has been dead for four years. Ovarian cancer. They don't give Nobels to dead people.

    Peter: But... but... I would have seen her at the gates!

    Moses: Must have missed her, old chap.

    Peter: Don't tell me Judas was subbing for me that day!

    Moses: Might have been, might have been...

    Peter: Oh, that's not fair. You paid him off not to tell me she was dead, didn't you?

    Moses: I'm not saying I did, but if he voluntarily withheld information...

    Peter: You did, you did pay him off!

    Moses: Ha! Worth every penny!

    Peter: Oh come on, chief, that's just not fair...

    Moses: Life... err... death is not fair, old chap. Now pay up. Double or nothing next year?

    Peter: As always.

    Verdict: Jew.

    June 13, 2011

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