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    Puff, the Magic Dragon

    Jew Score:




    So, on our JONJ to-do list, we can basically cross off the entire animal kingdom: ducks, bears, monkeys, horses... whether specific or implied, be it of fur or of fowl, chances are you now know if it is welcome at your Passover seder.

    So thank G-d for that.

    But it's fair to say we might have missed one or two and a recent conversation revealed a really good one: dragons. Oh yes, fire-breathing, virgin-eating, treasure-collecting dragons.

    Oh sure, they may have been co-opted as the seal of the nerdier sort, but you try and laugh at a gigantic freaking lizard as it swoops down roasting everything in its path, ripping your loved ones to shreds with its blood-stained talons...

    Now that's the kinda Jew we could warm up to (get it? warm up? with the fire breathing? oh forget it...). And sure enough, we've got one. But, as is typical of how these things tend to go, well.... OK, you're not blind. It's Puff.

    Oh he's Magic all right. Like Doug Henning magic. But he fits under the Berenstain Bear Law (just click the link, we've explained it too many damn times already) and his creators were both Jews (he first appeared in a poem which was then adapted into the now famous song). So yeah, we got him. Woo. Hoo.

    Still, one sort of wussy dragon is better than none at all, so we'll take it. Besides, when a gift creature breathes frickin' flames, it's definitely not the kind you'd want to look in the mouth.

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    January 28, 2011

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