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    Ivanka Trump

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    October 30, 1981 —

    We made a mistake the other night. We watched "The Apprentice".

    It wasn't so long ago that "The Apprentice" was must-watch TV. At work the next morning, we spent hours (we are no longer employed at that company, so we can admit that), yes, hours, discussing the previous episode. It was a perfect formula: 16 A-types vying for the love of a pompous tycoon, slashing each others throats in the process. How can you not watch?

    Now? Not so much.

    After an up-and-down five seasons, "The Apprentice" switched to a celebrity version, where the likes of Joan Rivers, Dennis Rodman, and Rod Blagojevich (seriously? In what world is Rod Blagojevich a celebrity?) vied for... Well, we're not sure for what. It wasn't a job with Donald Trump, that's for sure. A shiny medal? A trophy? Something. You couldn't pay us to watch.

    But we did start watching when the show returned to the standard, non-celebrity version this season. Here we thought that it had a chance to recollect its past glory.

    And... no. Not even close. The A-Types are under-qualified and flaccid, Trump's cartoonish villainy is overplayed and forced, and his sidekicks, George and Caroline, have been replaced by his children, the doppelganger Don Jr. and Ivanka.

    Now, the bright side is that we get to see more of Ivanka, who is now not only good-looking, but also Jewish, converting upon marriage. This is the ONLY bright side.

    So that's it for us and "The Apprentice". Now don't tell us "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" is coming back...

    Verdict: Jew.

    October 15, 2010

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