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    Guy Smiley

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    (Bernie Liederkrantz)

    One of the things that makes us absolutely crazy (well, to be fair, crazy-ER) is the perpetual fallacy that Jews control the world. The idea that Jews — one of the most persecuted peoples in history — are somehow in a position of power is so patently ludicrous... well, you can probably see the steam coming out of our ears from where you're sitting.

    Sign number one that Jews are not in charge? The number of them that have had to choose less Jewish sounding names in order to succeed in public life. Fashion designers, politicians, game show hosts, authors, journalists — all had it made clear to them at some point in their lives that if they were going to be easily identified as Jews, they would never be identified as successful.

    And it looks like we can add Muppets to that list. Well, to be fair, Bernie Liederkrantz sounds more German than Jewish (and to be fair, there was a time when being German in this country wasn't exactly desirable either). And, beyond the name change, there really isn't much else to go on.

    But, absent all other evidence, it all just seems too likely for us to declare Guy Smiley anything except Jewish. At least until the Hensons head on over to tell us otherwise.

    So, just to be clear here, the safest country in the world to be Jewish (don't even think about Israel — even the bus drivers have to be armed there) is the same one where they can't even have openly Jewish puppets and somehow it's the Jews that secretly rule the world?

    Yeah, you can see the steam for miles...

    Verdict: Jew.

    November 26, 2009

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