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    Count von Count

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    Here's something we need to clear up: just because something or someone is Eastern European, doesn't necessarily make them Jewish.

    Take borscht, for example. The disgusting beet soup is a staple of many Jewish delis. In fact, many Americans consider borscht part of Jewish cuisine. Well, it's not.

    Part of American Jewish cuisine, perhaps, but borscht's origins, although they lie in Eastern Europe, are not Jewish at all. Borscht is a traditional Ukrainian dish and is often made with pork... but because of influx of Ukrainian Jews to America early last century, the association was created and stuck.

    Same thing with music. Some hear dance music with prominent violin and accordion, and quickly jump to conclusion of Klezmer! Jewish! But no, such music can very well come from many of the regions of Eastern Europe. It could be Romani (Gypsy) music, for instance.

    So no, we don't buy that Count von Count is Jewish just because he sings to what appears to be Klezmer. Let us count (heh-heh) the ways:

    One: he is modeled on Bela Lugosi (Eastern European, Not a Jew). Two: he is voiced by Jerry Nelson (Not Eastern European, Not a Jew). Three: he hails from Romania (Eastern European, Not Necessary a Jew). Four: that supposedly Klezmer music? "The Song of the Count" is based on the traditional Hungarian dance Csardas (Eastern European, Not a Jew).

    So no, the Count is not Jewish. But given the choice, we'll take him over borscht...

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    September 23, 2011

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