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    Neve Campbell

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    October 3, 1973 —

    We often struggle with preconceived notions that surround one's Jewishness. The biggest one seems to be that being Jewish is always a religion, but not an ethnicity.

    Of course, as you have seen from the previous 600 profiles, it's not necessarily one or the other. There are people ethnically, but not religiously Jewish (Kathie Lee Gifford). There are those who are religiously, but not ethnically (Marilyn Monroe... Monroe for Gifford? We'll make that trade any day!). There are even those who are neither ethnically nor religiously, but consider themselves Jewish (Michael Richards).

    And then there are half-Jews by birth. Some of them practice Judaism. Some of them consider themselves Jewish but don't necessarily practice any religion. Some specifically say they are not Jewish. Some... Well, many combinations are possible. See the previous 600 profiles.

    But now, we found the perfect answer to the "Judaism is not an ethnicity" crowd. It's actress Neve Campbell ("Scream", "Wild Things"). Neve is half-Jewish by birth through her mother, making her Halachically Jewish. But Campbell is a practicing Catholic, making her... not Jewish?

    And here's the kicker: to quote Campbell, "my lineage is Jewish, so if someone asks me if I'm Jewish, I say yes". So who is anyone to say otherwise, no matter what religion she practices? (We won't. The above quote raises her from "Barely a Jew" to "Borderline Jew". That Catholicism would have to go for her to rise to "Jew".)

    Now excuse us while we go to re-rent "Wild Things" and appreciate its... Jewishness.

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    August 21, 2009

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