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    Franz Kafka

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    July 3, 1883 – June 3, 1924

    We were recently having a conversation with an acquaintance about profiling Franz Kafka.

    "Interesting," we were told. "Kafka. Isn't that a little... too deep for you? Don't you profile High School Musical actors?"

    "Sometimes," we replied. "But we profile useful members of society as well."

    "I wouldn't know. I haven't been back to your site ever since you profiled that Ashley... what's her name?"

    "Ashley Tisdale?"

    "That's right. So, how are you going to profile Kafka? Are you going to point out the Jewish themes in The Trial or The Castle? Perhaps you're gonna state that Gregor Samsa of The Metamorphosis is a Jew?"

    "Well... Ummmm..."

    "You've read Kafka, haven't you?"

    "Ummmm...... You know, it's not like we watched High School Musical either. I guess we'd talk about Kafka's Jewish upbringing, how it wasn't religious but cultural or spiritual. Or how he wanted to move to Palestine, and studied Hebrew..."

    "Where did you get all that? Let me guess! Wikipedia?"


    At that point, the acquaintance turned away from us.

    "Can you believe these guys?" He told someone else. "Kafka! They think they can talk about Kafka... Without reading him!"

    Ugh. What a jackass.

    Verdict: Jew.

    April 15, 2009

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