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    Alexander Ovechkin

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    September 17, 1985 —

    Last year, we introduced the search box on this website. Not only does it provide readers an easier way to find profiles, it also gives us a look into something we're missing. So, if a name starts to constantly appear in the searches, it gives us a hint that we're missing someone that's worthy of a profile. (We're coming, Barbra Streisand!)

    Yet sometimes, a name starts to appear and appear, to our eternal puzzlement. We're not talking about obvious goyim like Tom Cruise or George W. Bush. Those are huge names that are bound to be searched one way or another. We're talking about someone not universally known.

    Of course, in the world of hockey, Alexander Ovechkin is known by all. He is the reigning NHL MVP, after all. But why does his name keep coming up in our searches? Why does anyone think he's Jewish?

    Does Ovechkin look Jewish? He does have a big nose and a unibrow, which tend to be Jewish stereotypes. However, there are many non-Jews with big noses (Hello, Tom Cruise!) and unibrows (Hello, George W. Bush!) To us, he looks more like an ogre (Jewish ogres? Hmmm...)

    And then, the truth comes out. Someone added Ovechkin to a list of Jewish athletes on Wikipedia.

    Ugh. Well, let us set the record straight. Alexander Ovechkin is not Jewish. Not even close. He wears a cross, for crying out loud!

    Now, if someone could explain why anyone would search for David Hasselhoff...

    (Editor's update, 2022: Ovechkin is a complete scumbag who has been Vladimir Putin's cheerleader and lackey for years. Definitely, definitely not a Jew.)

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    January 16, 2009

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