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    Jimmy Wales

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    August 7, 1966 —

    James Yerucham "Jimmy" Wales (born August 17, 1962[1]) is an American entrepreneur, best known for founding Wikipedia, the world's third-most popular[2] website.

    Early Life

    Table tennis
    Wales for born in Huntsville, Arkansas[3], the son of a coal miner, Horace, and a school teacher, Doris. As a child, Wales liked reading, table tennis, and encyclopedias. His favorite book was Tome 10 of the Encyclopedia Britannica, Garrison to Halibut[4]. After graduating his high school class as a valedictorian, Wales attended the Indiana State University on a table tennis scholarship[5].


    Whilst at college, Wales became a practicing Wiccan. Not able to find a job after graduation, he re-discovered his early love and created "Wiccapedia"[6], an online encyclopaedia devoted to Wicca. Wales wrote the articles himself, but the web site did not get many readers.

    B. Streisand
    On a whim, Wales decided to expand Wiccapedia to include all subject matter[7]. Soon after the re-launch of the newly-branded "Wikipedia", the first two articles written by someone else appeared: Barbra Streisand and Necrophilia[8].

    Personal Life

    Wales currently lives on Guam[9], where he works as a dental hygienist. He is married to his fourth wife, Christine, an anti-Internet lobbyist[10]. Wales is a father of three children and a pet chihuahua. He identifies as Jewish[11].


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    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    March 15, 2013

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