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    Mark Lenard

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    (Leonard Rosenson)
    October 15, 1924 – November 22, 1996

    Back in the original Star Trek series (and the movies, for that matter), there were two major Vulcan characters: Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy and Spock's father Sarek, played by (you guessed it!), Mark Lenard. Both are 100% no-doubter Jews. And it was good.

    The next two series to come along, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, knew better than to even try and had no major Vulcan characters. Both were excellent entries to the series.

    Since then, it's been all downhill. And we have a pretty good idea why. Y'see, the next series, Star Trek: Voyager introduced a new Vulcan: Tuvok, played by Tim Russ, who is not a Jew. Tuvok was OK, but the show was pretty much unwatchable.

    Then, came Enterprise, which was so bad even the Trekkies (or Trekkors if your tastes run both to the dorky and the hypersensitive) wouldn't watch. And, wouldn't you know it, Enterprise featured another Vulcan, this one played by Jolene Blalock, who is not Jewish, either.

    Sensing a trend? Our days of Star Trek fandom may have waned away along with our hairlines, but we'd still like to see a decent show on the air. So for the sake of all the nerds, can we get us a Jewish Vulcan before the series devolves even further?!

    On that note, in the new Star Trek movie releasing next year, Spock will be played by Zachary Quinto. Looks like we're in for another decade of misery.

    Verdict: Jew.

    December 13, 2008

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